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About Me

Isabella Galway (she/her/hers) is a theatre maker and performer in the Washington DC and New York area.  She has most recently performed at Workhouse Arts Center in The Who's Tommy, at Catholic University in Anything Goes, and at Montgomery College in Falsettos.  Isabella also has a background in directing, having worked on The Wedding Singer and Abel: A New Opera as director and Next to Normal as assistant director, both at Catholic University.  Isabella graduated with a BM in Musical Theatre last May.

Isabella was first introduced to theatre at a very young age.  Her mother, being a drama therapist, would implement storytelling and performance into problem solving and self expression.  Isabella then went on to auditioning for a children's theatre production of The Music Man at the age of 8, landing the role of pick-a-little talk-a-little lady Mrs. Squires.

Over the years, musical theatre has inspired Isabella in many ways - from performing to directing, through working on herself to collaborating with others - and this has led her to understand both the personal and universal power of theatre.  She believes that the power of theatre lies in the fact that it has the capacity not only to entertain, but to promote thought provoking content and change.

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